A dance with fire

“The first thing you notice is the light – two fiery orbs, all brilliant oranges and yellows, cutting a merciless path through the black. They arc and fall and weave as though someone has grabbed handfuls of the sun and set them dancing.”

Maciej Mrotek, Dance of the Sacred Fire

Our Services

Dance of the Sacred Fire Dancers, will enchant your guest with fantastic high energy fire sets. We offer performances of pure fire shows to include Fire Poi, Fire Rope Dart, Fans, Fire Ropes, Fire Breathing, Fire Staff, Double Fire Short Staff, Fire Play, Fire Fingers, Fire Torches and more!

We also offer Aerial Silk, Commercial Flame Throwers, Fire Cocktails as well as combination of other non-fire and fire dance shows.

Whatever your pleasure, your party will be far above and beyond anything ordinary. Shows can be performed both indoors and outdoors while adhering to the strictest safety precautions.

Why Dance of the Sacred Fire?

Fire Shows are alluring and have a hypnotic effect. Our fire performers are pioneers and highly experienced in their craft.

You are assured a captivating show with the element of danger however, our performers adhere to the strictest safety codes.

About Us

Dance of the Sacred Fire has performed on national and international stages, and collaborated on projects around the globe. We manipulate fire using traditional tools, and we draw on our experience with fire to design and create new, innovative tools for performances that are nothing short of magical. 

Maciej Mrotek started “Dance of the Sacred Fire in 2001 after performing fire around the world. He and his team perform fire shows for events like the Ringing Brothers Annual Ball, Aspen Bud Light, RedBull and Ozzy Motley.

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